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10 more ways to save money.


Every saved penny counts, it will add up in the end.
Here is another top 10 list of how to save some more money.

1- Borrow movies and TV-series from friends and family or record movies on TV if you have the opportunity to do so. Even better, watch them on the internet for free.

2- Use less of everything. Soap, toothpaste, body lotion, detergent etc. You really don’t need to overuse to stay clean and fresh.

3- Learn to say NO to your kids (if you have any). Make them buy candy once a week from their own allowance.

4- Borrow tools from friend and family to repair your things.

5- Think about how you act and think, “Do I really need this and do I need it now .” Most of us have the necessary things we need.

6- Don’t be tempted to buy stuff just because their on sale and it’s the last chance to ever get them on sale. Think ahead.

7- Plan your day to day move. You can for example combine your shoppingtrip with other task that you have to do that day. That way you’ll save money on

8- Start walking or cycling more than driving your car. You’ll save money on gas.

9- Don’t pay for solutions, try to solve them yourself: If something is broken and it can’t be repaired, try to live without it or try to fix it yourself if it’s possible.

10- Let the oven stand up when you’re done with it to release the rest of the heat in the room. Think of it as free heat.

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