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11 ways to save money on car fuel


Save money while reducing CO2 emissions to the environment. Following these tips bellow will improve your mileage significantly. These 11 tips for fuel savings can help you improve your car’s fuel economy.

1- Slow down
One of the easiest ways to save fuel is to slow down. As vehicle speed increases fuel consumption does the same. For example, if you increase the speed from 40km/h to 80km/h you almost double the gasoline consumption. The lowest fuel consumption you’ll get is when driving between 50 and 70km/h.

2- Change your driving style
Aggressive driving , such as the pedal to the metal action, and sudden braking can spend as much as 20% more fuel compared to regular driving.

3- High gear
Cars are designed to start in the first gear (the lowest) because that is where they have the most drive force and when you run the car on the highest gear on a certain speed you will save gasoline and money. If you cruise around in low gear it will increase fuel consumption. When it is safe to do so, always try to shift into a higher gear.

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4- Selective Cruise Control
Using cruise control can improve fuel consumption by allowing you to keep a steady speed on flat roads or downhill’s. If you are driving uphill the cruise control will force the car to run faster to maintain the selected speed, thereby increasing fuel consumption.

5- Use of air conditioning
The air conditioning system of your car takes an extra toll on the car engine, which uses fuel. You can save up to 3% fuel by not using the air conditioner. Consider turning off the air conditioner when the outdoor temperature allows it, especially in the winter period. At very low speeds or when stationary, you can enjoy the wind by opening windows and air vents.

6- Avoid excessive idling
Turning the engine off while you wait and then restart it when you are ready to drive saves you more gasoline than when the car is idling.

7- Remove unnecessary load
The heavier the vehicle, the more energy is required to move it, so all unnecessary weight will give a higher fuel consumption. Fuel consumption increases by 2.1% for every extra 50 kg. Think about what you need to have with you in the car, and take out all the things that are not necessary.

8- Improve aerodynamics by using the roof rack in a sensible way
Roof Rack or loading racks affect the car’s aerodynamic efficiency negatively. They increase the aerodynamic resistance of the vehicle and may increase fuel consumption by up to 5%. Install a roof rack or cargo rack on your car if it is absolute needed and remove it when not in use.

9- Keep your windows closed
Open windows and sunroofs gives poor aerodynamics, which slows down your car and results in more fuel consumption.

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10- Maintain your car regularly
Make sure your car is well maintained by checking for dirty sparks, air filters or clogged fuel filters so that the car acts as effective as possible. It’s also important to change motor oil regularly for positive fuel consumption. A well-maintained engine can improve fuel consumption by up to 4%.

11- Make sure your tires are properly inflated
Tires with inflated are more rolling resistance and require more energy to roll, which leads to higher fuel consumption. Tires that are mounted on the rim lose air over time and therefore it is necessary to check the air pressure regularly and make sure it’s correct as it is listed in the user manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer. By constantly making sure you have the correct tire pressure you can save up to 5% of fuel. Tires with the right pressure are also safer and last longer.


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