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12 year old kids sell noodles at the school yard in pure mafia style.


In 2008, a group of kids between 11 and 12 years old sold noodles, brought in suitcases, at their school in Drammen, Norway. It wasn’t an easy business, because it was an ongoing battle for the noodle market.

The 12 year old kids, at a Norwegian school, were caught with a briefcase full of noodles that was supposed to be delivered to their classmates and other kids at their school in exchange for money. But not only did they make money from selling noodles, they also made money by demanding payment for anyone who wanted to get into the noodles business at their school.

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Profitable business
Some of the children got the idea to buy large amounts of noodles and reselling them in the school yard at a profit. They bought noodles for 30 cents a package at the local grocery store and resold them for 50 cents a pack at their school.

The school staff had seized several briefcases packed with noodles. The school staff said that it was funny at first, but saw the seriousness in the  situation when they found out that these kids charged money from other kids for entering the noodle market.

The group of kids that started the noodle business in school felt that they had a monopoly over the noodle market, said one of the school staffs. They demanded $4 from other school kids at school that wanted to sell noodles. All other kids that didn’t pay weren’t allowed to sell noodles, and if they did they would face consequences.

The noodle sales lead to increased levels of conflict in the school yard where fractions were being formed among the kids who fought with each other very often.

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Aggressive sale
There were fights going on in school every week between kids over the power of the noodle market and these kids would go so far as to aggressively sell noodles to other kids and even giving kids noodles as a loan where they were required to pay back with interest.

Eventually the school had enough and sent out a letter where they stated that any type of noodle packs in school was no longer allowed.

In my opinion, the only wrong thing these kids did was to aggressively sell these noodles and starting conflicts. But the good part was that these kids had the entrepreneurial brain to buy cheap noodles and selling them for a profit. Imagine how they are today.

Why should it be difficult for you to make money buying and selling products? Do some research and find a product you know there is a market for in your area and sell them for a profit. If a group of kids at the age of 11 to 12 could do it you could too.

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