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18 year old makes $5000 repairing smartphones from his home.


Lack of official stores with a good repair service for smartphones and tablets makes the underground repair services blossom.

18 year old Håkan Ringås from Askim, Norway, makes over $5000 a month repairing broken smartphones.

Most electronic stores here in Norway don’t offer to repair your smartphone. Instead they send it back to their supplier who then sends it to a certified repair shop. The process of sending in your broken smartphone and getting it back again can take somewhere between 4-5 weeks.

People damage their smartphones and tablets all the time for various reasons and most of them don’t have time to wait 4-5 weeks to get it back from a certified repair shop, especially if one uses their smartphone for work purposes.

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Knowing this, Håkon decided to start his own repair shop from his home in Askim. He loves everything about electronics and technology, so what he did first was to learn to repair various types of smartphones and tablets from home and then he bought the necessary equipment to setup a repair shop and start repairing broken smartphones and tablet.

Since the local newspaper mentioned his work in 2012, his customer base has increased drastically. When he turned 18 in March last year he registered his own company and launched a website where unlucky smartphone and tablet owners could register a repair order.

He now makes over $5000 a month repairing various types of smartphones and tablets. His primary income comes from shattered IPhone displays.

You may think that the idea of repairing phones and tablets isn’t a unique one and that everyone does it and that’s why it’s not worth the investment and time. So what is so unique about Håkon’s idea?

His idea is unique because he always uses original parts and offers a 3 month warranty unlike many of his competitors. People like to pay for quality, especially when it comes to expensive phones and tablets.


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Today everyone owns a smart phone or a tablet, or both. So the market for repairing is growing.
You can start doing the same thing as Håkon does, all you have to do is to invest some time and money and your set to go. To be successful, you have to think of new ways to attract customers. As I mentioned earlier in the article, Håkon makes over $5000 a month repairing smartphones and tablets in Askim. The population of Askim is around 15,485. If you live in a city where the population is 500,000 to 2,000,000 million in populations, imagine how much you could make repairing phones.

If Håkon can make a living repairing phones and tablets so can you.

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