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To become a millionaire requires you to think like a millionaire


When I went to school we were taught to work hard with our studies so that we could graduate and get an ordinary job. We never learned how millionaires made their millions and how they started their business from scratch and ended up successful and rich. We never learned how millionaires think. Maybe that’s why most people are fine settling with a regular paycheck from a regular job. Maybe that’s why most people don’t want to climb that career ladder and settles with the job they have at the post office or grocery store.

If you want to climb the career ladder all the way to the million dollar salary or climbing to success with your newly started business then this article is for you. This is the mindset of most millionaires out there.


Think about the future
The millionaire minds of successful entrepreneurs always thinks of a long term goal when thinking of a new business idea or concept. Millionaires have at least a five year plan ahead of them where the goal for is to make more money or succeed in what they do. A successful millionaire never thinks and never thought about “getting rich quick” methods when he or she started out.

Focus on your ideas and don’t get distracted by anyone that says your idea isn’t good enough and that it’s not going to work. There are big companies out there, like for example FedEx, who no one believed in and wasn’t thought as great idea until the company actually became very successful, made money and changed our shipping goods.

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Learn from Change
Everything from Technology to the way people think changes. Embrace the change and learn from it. A Norwegian social website called Nettby was one of the most popular websites in the world according to Alexa’s Rank. What happened? The site lost hundreds of thousands of users a month in favor for the newly established Facebook until there were almost no one left which made the owner shut down the site. In Nettby people could display their nickname on their profile where in Facebook people had to display their full name on their profile and believe it or not, that was one of the most important factors to why people left Nettby in favor for Facebook.

Take Risks
Every entrepreneur out there that has made it big have had to take some sort calculated risk. Shift your brain to take risks, and I’m not talking about jumping out of a five story balcony or borrowing $1 million from the bank to play with binary options. Take risks in things you know and understand. If know a lot about real estate then it’s not a bad idea to take a risk and invest in it. Just don’t invest in things you don’t understand, that’s like hoping to win money on the lottery.

Continue to Learn and Grow
Find like-minded people to exchange your experience with by attending seminars, workshops or similar gatherings. Read the daily finance papers to increase your knowledge about the financial world. Don’t hang around with people with no work ethics who rather sit home playing games than going out finding work, people like that bring you down, believe me.

Greed is good
Charge money for the work you do and don’t do things for free no matter what it is. That’s the safest way to get people to take advantage from you. Improve your relationship with money but don’t go overboard by becoming greedy. Gordon Gecko, played by Michael Douglas in the popular movie
Wall Street, says that greed is good. Greed is good regarding business, but it’s not always good.

A millionaire is or should always be generous to people that needs a helping hand. A $10 tip to a person that washes your car shouldn’t be a problem for you. People will notice your generosity and you will feel much better.

Increase your revenue
Do you have an extra $100 or $200 every month to spare from your salary? If you have, then instead of wasting your extra money on cigarettes and alcohol you should do something else with it like investing it in something or buying a product to sell for a profit to increase your monthly revenue.


To becoming a millionaire requires you to think like a millionaire. Take calculates risk, attend seminars and meeting, learn, read, be creative and step outside of your comfort zone.

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