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Billionaire lifestyle: Private Planes and Mega Yachts.


Private Jets
A must for a billionaire is a jet, ready to take off anywhere at any time. A billionaire doesn’t have time to wait in line in the airport, they want to be able to pack their bags and hop in the jest day or night. When it comes to the type of jets, most billionaires today purchase the modern, superfast and super sleek Gulfstream Jet. Owning a Gulfstream Jet is the ultimate status symbol.

Mark Cuban, investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, purchased the Gulfstream G550 in 2005, for whopping $42 million. Mark says:

“Where most people are worrying about everything that might come up, I’m flying somewhere fun. I can be on my way to Vegas, or if I want to go to dinner in New York or Los Angeles.”

Mark Cuban’s Gulfstream G550 has a full time pilot, 24 carat cup holders and state of the art technology. All customized to Mark’s specifications.

“The nice thing about having billions of dollars is that you can get to do whatever you want, where you want and how you want. I’m the luckiest guy in the world”

While the Gulfstream Jets might be the sleekest thing in the sky, for billionaires who want a little more legroom there buying their own Jumbo Boeing Jets, turning them into their own personal mansions in the sky.

Boeing is known for building commercial airplanes for American Airlines, Delta, Norwegian SAS and many more. But when the billionaires started snapping up these planes Boeing started a special division just to build aircrafts for billionaires.

  • Donald Trump, a business magnate and investor, has his own Boeing 727.
  • Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google, purchased a Boeing 767 in 2005.
  • Al-Waleed bin Talal, prince of Saudi Arabia, travels in style in his own Boeing 747, the monster of the Boeing line with a staggering 40,000 cubic feet of interior space.

While the average price of a Boeing Jumbo Jet is around $200 million, billionaires are spending much more than that to make them nice and comfortable. The typical commercial airliner has seats for 500 people and 6 tiny bathrooms. But when a billionaire purchases a Jumbo Jet, they redesign the whole inside of the plane by taking out all the seats to make room for their mansion interior and design.



A millionaire can afford to rent a super yacht, but a billionaire owns it. A yacht can be the most expensive things that you can own in the entire universe.

There is a difference between yachts and mega-yachts. Regular yacht maxes out at 80 feet long and usually costs under a million dollars. A mega-yacht can easily reach 500 feet long and can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. These mega-yachts are in a different class and some of them take three years to build in specialized shipyards. It’s an exclusive item to own, since there are only about eighty mega-yachts in the world.

Blockbuster founder and Miami Dolphins owner, Wayne Huizenga, used to drive a garbage truck before he became a billionaire. He owns his own mega-yacht that goes under the name “Floridian”, which has a large cinema in the viewing lounge, big swimming pool with a jaquzee and a hot tub, helipad on the upper deck where a fourteen passenger helicopter can land, and on top of that it also carries 17 crew members.


“Who has the biggest yacht in the harbor” is the favorite billionaires’ game.

Roman Abramovich
is a Russian businessman that owns the private investment company Millhouse. He owns four yachts, and in 2004 he took them all to Portugal and had breakfast on one, lunch on another, and dinner on the third. Roman’s flagship is the 377 foot $125 million Pelorus. It comes with an indoor pool, steam room, antique wooden floors, a staff of 42 and rooms for 22 guests. The Pelorus has a bullet proof exterior that also comes with a mine and missile detection system.


Paul Allen
, co-founder of Microsoft, owns a mega-yacht that will blow Roman’s yacht out of the water. Paul Allen’s 414 foot $200 million yacht is called the Octopus. It comes with a basketball court, movie theater and recording studio where the R&B artist Usher recorder a song with Paul Allen.


Larry Ellison
, founder of Oracle, owns a 453 foot $200 million mega-yacht called the Rising Sun It has five stories that feature 82 rooms, a spa, basketball court and a helipad.


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
, prime minister and vice president of the United Arab Emirates, owns a 525 foot $300 million mega-yacht which is the world’s longest and largest mega-yacht. It features two master staterooms, a cinema, disco, squash court, its own submarine and a helipad for his Black Hawk chopper. Sheikh Mohammed, believe it or not, has to pay $30 million each year just to upkeep the mega-yacht.

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