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Brosix: secure communication within your team

Brosix: secure communication within your team

Brosix, the instant messaging tool that gives enterprises a truly cross-platform IM solution that ensures security and easy control over every part of their business’ communications has announced the launch of its Google Chrome app. With the new app it expands the versatility of its messaging software and enables personal and enterprise level use of its service on virtually any platform.

Brosix now provides one-to-one and group text chats, video and audio calls, file and screen sharing between users, and securely archived, searchable chat history. Moreover, to ease the tracking of accurate history of employee communication, administrators are given full control over all user accounts.

“The release of this new Chrome application means that any individual or company now has access to the highest level of security in their personal and business communications, regardless of the platform or system they use,” said Brosix CEO and Co-founder, Stefan Chekanov.

Brosix offers paid enterprise options for as little as $0.80 per month. Companies can create a completely internal private communication network that requires no configuration or maintenance at an affordable price. Leading international companies, such as IBM, Xerox, Toyota, and Amazon’s Audible already use the Brosix messaging system.

“The versatility of the solution that allows people to share any file, make calls, and even share screens for the best collaborative experience gives Brosix an edge over every other IM software on the market, and the level of companies around the world applying it proves that,” added Chekanov.

By enabling companies and individuals to create and control independent communication networks, Brosix’s IM solution avoids security issues for sensitive communication transactions that plague other popular cloud-based chat tools such as Facebook Chat, Skype, and WhatsApp .


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