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Charlie stole products for almost $19,000 a month.


His work now is to help store owners to avoid thieves like himself and makes a lot of money doing so. Read the amazing story about how he turned his life upside down.

Charlie lived in a small town, where everyone knew everyone and the lady who owned the local grocery store was his next door neighbor. The store was very small and there were no surveillance cameras inside.

Stealing for a living
Charlie had gained extensive experience as a shoplifter from the time he was 10 years old.
He was apprenticed by a much older criminal. He was thought how to break into houses, garages, shops, warehouses and cars.

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Charlie made it a habit of stealing from stores every single day. He would rather steal the things he needed rather the paying for them. It went on to the point that he became a professional at it, but that’s not to say that he never got caught. He has been caught stealing a total of six times, according to him that is six times out of over a hundred times of stealing.

Stealing becomes and addiction when you don’t get caught each time. You get a rush of adrenaline when you steal, says Charlie.

One time he stole over 42 PlayStation consoles in a single month and has at his peak stolen for over $19,000 each month for a year. That is a total of $228,000 in one year.

Turning his life upside down
The last time he ever stole was when a security guard, that knew him from before, caught him stealing at an electronic store last year. This time the police wasn’t called to get him. The security guard took him to a small room in the back of the store and started talking to him. And the thing that made Charlie stop stealing for good was a something the security guard said to him in the back room, he said:

If I were you and was that good at stealing, I would use it to make a good career out if, a legal one.

So the next thing Charlie did was to turn his life upside down. He started a consultant firm where he goes around the country to visit stores and malls to teach the employees there how they can prevent people from stealing from their stores.

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He teaches store owners and employees how thieves think and how they plan and execute a theft. If the store he visits has some kind of loophole thieves can use he will issue a report on measures to implement to prevent thieves from stealing from the store.

He makes a six figure income every year all because he took something bad and turned it to something good.

For all you thieves and criminals out there; it’s not too late to make an honest living, use you’re criminal skills to help others instead of using it to hurt others. If Charlie could do it, why shouldn’t you be able to do it?

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