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Chekk it out, one platform for managing every facet of our daily lives

Chekk it out, one platform for managing every facet of our daily lives

With an increasing number of apps and social network platforms on our phones, the first release of a new platform created by a veteran HSBC strategy, business, and technology senior executive is bringing order to chaos by centralizing every facet of our daily digital lives.

Now available worldwide through the Apple AppStore, Chekk is set to revolutionize not only the consumer market, but the professional arena as well with the company preparing a corporate pilot for the staff and customers from one of the world’s largest banks.

“What the Chekk App allows users to do is take control of their digital lives. The app goes beyond being just an email and message aggregator tool, or a social media and news centralization platform — it allows the secure storage and sharing of a user’s personal and professional information, all in a visual and engaging way” says Chekk founder and CEO Pascal Nizri.

The app allows users to aggregate and share on Chekk, or their favorite social networks, through its platform. Additionally, users can consult news, message individuals or private businesses, and even share any of the above with people not yet using Chekk via email.

Furthermore, the user can fully customize their shared profile through a powerful visual editor tool. Everything from font style, to color, to the order of the aggregated information can be customized, enabling the user to prioritize the information important to them. Users can also search through their stored data, which can be viewed offline on their phone.

“As interactions become increasingly geared towards a mobile lifestyle, people need more than just a platform that can aggregate information. Our data and interactions need to be organized and contextualized,” says Mr Nizri. “The Chekk platform enables the most effective way to manage those interactions for both everyday consumers and professionals.”

On the personal data storage front, users can store public and private information, such as contact details, identity document details, bank account numbers, loyalty cards, and passwords into sections of unlimited fields, categories, datasets and visual profiles.

“Our platform will not only play a major part in the lives of millions of people across the world, but it will also facilitate the way businesses and corporations manage their brands, circulate marketing campaigns, and interact with their staff and customers,” explains Mr Nizri, who adds that the Chekk iPhone app will soon be followed by Android and tablet versions, comprising of additional modules and functionalities.”

The amount of information accessed through mobile platforms, along with user’s time spent interacting on them, has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and has become increasingly diversified.

According to a 2012 study published in the Harvard Business Review, users primarily divide their smartphone time on relaxation and entertainment (46%), socializing and on social networks (19%), managing finances (11%), and planning activities (7%). The gap between trying to manage personal and professional information linked with these numerous apps, websites, networks, and news feeds continues to grow as user’s online usage continues to diversify.

Now more than ever users are looking for a practical platform to organize and synchronize their everyday digital lives. As users’ personal and professional activities are increasingly facilitated through mobile phones and other portable platforms, the need for a centralized solution that enables users to interact across every facet of the online sphere is increasingly valuable.

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