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Cloud-based workflow software from KiSSFLOW launches in Brazil

Cloud-based workflow software from KiSSFLOW launches in Brazil

A cloud workflow software designed to work along with the Google Apps Suite has officially been launched in Brazil.

KiSSFLOW enables you to design and put into practice cost-saving workflows in a matter of minutes, with its intuitive ‘5 Step Wizard’. The high-powered analytic reports and metrics not only empower their employees to meet their individual goals, but also help to build a scalable and efficient organization through usable business insights.

“We were very keen to open in Brazil and think that the timing couldn’t be better,” says CEO and founder Suresh Sambandam. “When you look at what the country has already accomplished, and what is still left to do, you can see that reassessing company structure and improving very fundamental business strategies is going to be crucial for the long-term stability and future of this dynamic modern economy. And we’re confident we can play a big part in facilitating that.”

At its core, KiSSFLOW is about visualizing, organizing and automating the various processes of an organization in an intuitive manner. By integrating with Google’s organizational tools, KiSSFLOW unifies company workflows, into the company’s cloud thus reducing confusion and enhancing operational efficiency.

With over 5,100 customers from across the enterprise spectrum, KiSSFLOW is the first cloud-based business process management (BPM) software built exclusively for the Google Apps Suite, and is already a leading innovator in on-demand business workflow solutions.

KiSSFLOW combines intuitive user interfaces, deep Google Apps integration, and powerful analytic and organizational tools that improve the efficiency of business processes and boost overall productivity and communication. Customers save money by eliminating cumbersome paper work and facilitating smarter business practices across the board.

And now, KiSSFLOW is releasing its Portuguese version, expanding its service offering to one of the most dynamic emerging business centers in the world.

“At KiSSFLOW, we believe very strongly that success stems from design and structure, and we’ll provide you the tools and support to test that for yourself,” says Mr. Sambandam.

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