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Coffee Shop Freelancers rethinking self-promotion

Coffee Shop Freelancers rethinking self-promotion

Antwerp-based startup Coffee Shop Freelancers announces its launch, offering high quality laptop decals for freelancers and independent workers.

Coffee Shop Freelancers aims to improve the way freelancers and independent workers market themselves in physical environments and co-working spaces.

The Coffee Shop Freelancers service provides users with high quality, laptop decals for their computers in order to advertise themselves and get noticed in real-life working environments.

Stemming from the personal freelancer experience of Founder and CEO, Christophe Gonzalez, Coffee Shop Freelancers was created to become a space where independent workers, entrepreneurs, and even startup members can find an affordable and stylish physical solution to a world dominated by online marketing.

“In today’s co-working environment everyone who is an independent worker, freelancer or even an entrepreneur trying to get their company out there could benefit from some real life inbound marketing,” says Coffee Shop Freelancers Founder and CEO Christophe Gonzalez. “As a freelancer I saw the lack of open social communication avenues in say a coffee shop or shared workspace. By applying these decals to your laptop you can really broadcast what you do to everyone in the room and open yourself up for a conversation,” he adds.

Co-working spaces are continuously gaining popularity and show no signs of slowing down. The combination of this trend and the seemingly exponential growth of freelancers across a number of fields make a product like the Coffee Shop Freelancers’ decals a simple yet invaluable tool. According to recruiting firm MBO, this section of the workforce accounts for an estimated 16 million people in the U.S. alone, a figure expected to rise to 65 million by 2020.

“If this decal gets you one new client, it has already paid for itself. If it gets you 10 new clients, it may have paid for the laptop it’s presented on,” adds Gonzalez.

Coffee Shop Freelancers is a startup based in Antwerp, Belgium. Offering laptop decals as their first product, the startup aims to offer a wide range of products and activities to aid co-workers in marketing themselves.

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