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DESIGNATION overhauls training program, introduces hub for startups to interact

DESIGNATION overhauls training program, introduces hub for startups to interact

As the marketplace of design and development continues to change, UI and front-end developers are required to be versatile as well as knowledgeable across a number of fields ranging from design, development and UX.

Instead of signing up for a long university course, design graduates and self-taught developers are looking towards intensive tech bootcamps to fill their knowledge gaps and expand their skills in a real-world environment.

DESIGNATION has announced the launch of its revamped training program, which seeks to change and improve the way aspiring UX, UI and front-end developers are trained.

The innovative DESIGNATION cohort, the first of which ran in early 2014, seeks to combine a creative teaching environment together with an intensive, hands-on experience to give aspiring designers and developers the tools they require to be successful in the ever-evolving online world of design.

To boost the revamped program, DESIGNATION has recruited UX thought leader, Jim Jacoby, founder of the “Agency 100”-listed company, Manifest Digital, and The American Design and Master-Craft Initiative (ADMCi).

“The DESIGNATION program prepares our students for the evolving world of a designer that continuously changes as the web becomes more complex, demanding versatility as well as creativity,” says founder and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign graduate Kevin Yun. “Through collaboration and interaction with both peers and DESIGNATION’s creative team, we look to give our students in our intensive program opportunities to make mistakes, try different tacts in their work, and learn to work in cross disciplines of design and development,” he adds.

Furthermore, DESIGNATION looks to be at the forefront of design programs by partnering up with web-developer training veterans, DevBootcamp, and app-building gurus, MobileMakers Academy.

In addition to the program, DESIGNATION has launched its own recruiting arm, “DESIGNATION Black”, a hub where the company can interact with startups and established businesses to identify the skill sets required from potential employees. This allows DESIGNATION to work individually with students to identify specific companies suited to them.

According to Fortune, almost 90% graduates from similar tech bootcamps around the country received lucrative work offers just months after completing the courses.

“With an increasingly demanding market seeking experienced people, one of the factors that determines the quality of the work delivered by developers and designers is confidence,” Mr Yun says. “The DESIGNATION program places students in an environment of peers and professionals, allowing them to bounce ideas and gain new perspectives that will ready them for that challenge. Our students see that potential of the program coupled with the fact that it is conducted in such a short time-span,” he explains.

DESIGNATION was founded to be a design-focused career accelerator, with a focus on giving its students a program that would not only improve the skills focused on their specific field of interest, but also prepare them for a rapidly evolving employment market that requires confidence and versatility.

Now more than ever, freelance UI & Front-End Developers, and recent graduates are seeing the professional potential that hands-on intensive courses, such as DESIGNATION’s innovative program, can give them.

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