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Frank Schilling worked a few hours a week and earned over $18 million a year.


Frank Schilling (44) started out as a real estate speculator in Canada in 2002 and failed at it. He decided to start buying and selling domain name addresses on the internet and became a millionaire within 20 months.

Frank Taylor Schilling was born in Germany in July 29, 1969. He is the eldest son of German/Canadian immigrants.

Frank has a private Boeing 737 with a big king-size bed in the back where he sometimes lays down and thinks about how he made it this far in life. The plane that he owns is bigger than the house he grew up in. He has no education, doesn’t come from a wealthy family and didn’t have great childhood. He says that people sometimes get irritated when they hear about how he became a multi-millionaire.

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Pay-Per-Click Ads
In 2008 he made more than $18 million a year on simple websites he filled up with pay-per-click ads. Frank makes a few cents every time someone clicks on his ads. When the dot-com bubble popped in 2001 a lot of investors and companies lost their money and couldn’t pay for their domain names and that’s when Frank came in. Frank snapped the best domain names as soon as the owners failed to pay. Back in 2008 Frank owned a total of 370,000 domain names where he made between tens of dollars to several thousand dollars a day.

In 2011 Frank started domain marketplaces and The two domain marketplaces grew to become the largest privately owned traffic monetization platform on the internet. In other words, his business expanded from simple domain sales to big profitable marketplaces that he runs.

His portfolio of domains and domain marketplace operations are estimated to be valued in the range of $500 million.

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He started in 2002 and in the two following years it went straight to the sky. After about twenty months he had an annual salary of $10 million dollars.

He invested everything he had on dotcom addresses. These domains are just an example of what he had in his portfolio:


The domain was a huge win for him. It brings him over $2 million per year.
There are an insane amount of people that searches for “personal loans” every day and Frank had filled with pay-per-click ads from Google AdSense.

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