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From broke, non-educated and dyslexic to multi-millionaire.


Tom Arne Lefsaker from Norway had an empty bank account back in 1992. Today he runs a successful multi-million dollar printing company that delivers work wear and printed products to customers all around Norway. In 2012 his company’s revenue was over $7 million.

Tom’s company, Protektiv AS, has ever since its beginning in January 1992 delivered an increasing amount of work wear and printed products to its customers all around Norway. The company became a multi-million dollar company a long time ago.

Last year his company received a million dollar contract to dress up over 2000 of the country’s newspaper carriers and over 1000 employees at PEAB, a Norwegian building company.

No education
His conditions weren’t great when he started his business. He was broke, dyslexic, didn’t have an education and it wasn’t all about becoming a millionaire in the begging of his career, but the thing he had plenty of was determination and ambition.

When he turned 29, he borrowed $8000 from his father-in-law. He took the $8000 and placed it in his bank account and sent a statement to register his business as a limited company. He invested in a printing machine, office desk and a stapler. He borrowed other necessary equipment from suppliers with a promise that he would pay them back as soon as he started to make money on his company.

He started to work from morning to night. By day he travelled around selling his service and products to different companies and by nighttime he did his office work. Slowly but surely his business and profit started to increase and today they have over 30 employees.

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He says that his success is due to the fact that he has always been honest and nice to his customers and everyone else. He says that it’s important to be an honest player in the market and never underestimated honesty and pleasantry.

Tom is also known for thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing. In 1992 he got a brilliant idea to market his company. He went out and bought two underpants, pressed the Sputnik logo on them and sent them to Busk Records, a music production company that produced Sputnik’s album. The marketing strategy was a success. A few weeks later, almost all the countries newspapers and magazine wrote about the Sputnik underwear. Soon after, TV and radio channels wanted to interview Tom about his company.

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You can be non-educated, dyslexic, broke and still become rich and successful. The most important thing you need is determination and ambition and you can make it just like Tom did.

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