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Peak your physical and mental health

Peak your physical and mental health

SEAL Training Academy is dedicated to opening up the Navy training experience to civilians, and is the first Navy SEAL workout to offer an online option.

The Navy-tested special regimens promises to get you more physically and mentally fit than 90% of today’s population.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all policy of many other online workouts, SEAL Training Academy is the only product of its kind tailored to your current fitness level. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or are simply looking to get the perfect beach body, the SEAL Training Academy offers you customized choices from over 50 workout programs based on your abilities and objectives.

“Gym memberships are becoming outdated and consumers are demanding new and diverse fitness experiences,” explained former D1 athlete and SEAL Training Academy Co-founder, Doug Nelson. “We offer a new but old take on fitness workouts, giving civilians a glimpse at true Navy SEAL training without having to wear the uniform to reap the benefits.”

SEAL Training Academy recently launched its new site that provides users with a custom online workout developed by a Navy SEAL and D1 athlete. The company is currently the only one to offer leadership and teamwork development programs for corporate or athletic teams through its HigherGround program. Other innovative workout programs invented include the popular CrossFit invented by Navy SEALS, which has grown to become a $4 billion brand.

Unlike CrossFit, The SEAL Training academy is a customized program based on the individual’s fitness level, objective and overall life goals. Its programs are an effective combination of Navy and D1 athletics training developed with the exceptional knowledge, experience and leadership of company’s founder Brett H., a U.S. Navy SEAL. Key factors of the training include:

  • Little to no equipment necessary
  • Cross functional fitness program designed for real-life situations
  • Build the strength and endurance of a Navy SEAL athlete

“I can personally vouch for the life-changing benefits of learning how far your body can push itself,” added Nelson. “Everyday obstacles seem meaningless after you have pushed yourself to and beyond your physical and mental limits.”

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