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High school student makes over $3000 a month selling computer equipment from his dad’s basement.


18 year old Christian Gangstad from Trondheim, Norway, runs his online computer equipment business from his dad’s basement. He runs his online store, Posytron, all by himself and makes over $3000 a month while studying full time in high school.

The story started when he and a friend teamed up, after getting an assignment from their school teacher, to start a student business at their school last year. The assignment lasted for one year because the business class they took lasted for one year only.

They decided to get into the retail business and eventually found out that they were going to sell IPhone covers. They started to call companies to try to sell their IPhone covers to and were successful. A few months after they had started their student business their sales increased and their assignment was a success. They made a lot of money on their student business but had to discontinue the whole thing after the year’s end.

Taste for success
Christian had gotten the taste for success after the school year over and decided to focus on his own business and started an online electronic store. He wanted to see if he could sell computer equipment from his online store. The results were great and he took the business seriously when his sales increased drastically each month.

His goal now is to make $1 million before he completes his studies in high school.

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Hard work
He spent all his savings to set up a sole proprietorship and invested in smartphone equipment and various electronics. His online store, Posytron, is focused on selling smartphone equipment and small electronic gadgets. Christian says that he had to work a lot of late nights before the online store was up and running and adds that he still does.

To market his online store he went around and delivered flyers in mailboxes in his home town Trondheim. He acquired meetings with Google Ads to help him with create ads for his online store.

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There are thousands of online stores that sells smartphone equipment and various electronic gadgets. Why did Christian make $3000 a month from his small online store which he runs from his dad’s basement?

In my opinion it’s because chose a specific product to focus on, smartphone equipment. If you’re looking for smartphone equipment like covers, holsters etc., you go to an online store that sells only that because it saves you time and probably money.

Imagine this: you are looking to buy a can of energy drink. There are two separate stores right next to each other; store A and B. Store A is a regular grocery store selling everyday items. Store B is a store that exclusively sells energy drinks and nothing else. Answer me this, what store would you visit first to buy your energy drink, store A or store B?

I would defiantly walk into store B where I could pick and choose among all the different energy drinks.

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