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IntelligenceBank set to be at forefront of risk management solutions

IntelligenceBank set to be at forefront of risk management solutions

As applications and online solutions become more advanced across the international business sphere, more and more entrepreneurs and new ventures are seeking the adequate tools to fuel business growth and management.

By providing a perfect resource for small teams or cross-enterprise groups to share and act on numerous Registers in real time, IntelligenceBank’s new GRC platform is set to be at the forefront of internal control and risk management solutions for companies worldwide.

Founded in 2009, IntelligenceBank is a privately held information management company, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia – with thousands of clients worldwide.

Already a leading provider of SaaS business apps for thousands of companies worldwide — including renowned professional services firm Deloitte — as well as numerous pre-IPO companies, IntelligenceBank has launched its online GRC software, an out of the box, yet highly customizable platform.

“Ultimately, IntelligenceBank GRC creates efficiency, accountability and one click reporting on the status of each initiative,” explains CEO of IntelligenceBank Tessa Court.

Through the GRC hub, risk managers can not only register risks, incidents, conflicts of interests, and internal controls, but they can also assign tasks and report on the status of each project in real time.

“Our new platform provides an easy way for both private and pre-IPO companies to have an instant risk and compliance platform that covers all bases, and can be modified to suit any industry and regulatory environment,” says Court.

By applying IntelligenceBank’s online GRC platform and its other services — including online board portals, digital asset management and brand hubs, customer extranets, and document management software — business can securely manage files and data within their team.

“For growth, any business needs to go beyond a shared ‘Spreadsheet’ for an effective management system,” Court says. “Too many companies around the world manage risk and governance projects with these inadequate systems, which is an oxymoron because managing risk and governance through a something as basic as a spreadsheet can be a risk in itself,” she adds.

The heart of IntelligenceBank is its highly customizable, flexible and interoperable platform, which can be easily configured into a range of niche solutions such as digital asset management, board portals, customer insights management, virtual data rooms and sales team enablement.

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