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Interview with John Kagit, CEO and Founder of Socialeyes

Interview with John Kagit, CEO and Founder of Socialeyes


John Kagit, CEO and Founder of Socialeyes

What is your startup and what does it  do?  

Socialeyes lets you share your spontaneous plans with nearby friends via notifications. With Socialeyes, users can now share their real-time moods, plans, pictures, and specifically their location with their contacts. The location and activity-based app seeks to bring users together through their present and future plans, adding a new dimension to their social networking experiences.

Where did the idea for the startup come from and what void is it aiming to fill?

As mobile phone usage to access social networking services continues to grow exponentially, more users are seeking out newer and better ways of connecting with their friends to share their experiences. The market is becoming increasingly geared towards the mobile section of connectivity, and users want innovative platforms that will give them options to do things now, to connect now, and to be able to plan. Socialeyes combines a location-driven socializing platform with real-time notifications, allowing users to look more at future possibilities rather than past experiences.

How does your company differ from competitors?  

Unlike traditional social media that looks at past experiences, Socialeyes focuses on connectivity in the present and the future moments, allowing users to be natural and to make spontaneous plans. The platform gives you that real-time sense of knowing how your friends are doing and where they are, and if they are up for having a drink right now or if they are looking to go for a run with someone.

How did you become interested in entrepreneurship?  

Some people are born artists, some are born doctors, and some are born entrepreneurs. I see myself as one of the latter. The point where I started thinking about doing my own startup was the time when I felt I can create things that can make people’s lives better. Then I started my own company.

What has been your biggest challenge so far as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?  

Money. Still trying to overcome it. Do not see money as a financial gain, but rather see it as the power to make people do things for you such as coding, designing, marketing etc. If you do not have the power to create things, then you cannot solve people’s problems. Meaning that your startup may not last too long.

What emerging trends do you see in your industry and how will your company adapt to them?

Creating things that are fun and different will be one of the most important things as the competition heats up. That is why I see gamification as a very powerful tool. If you use the concept wisely, the outcome of product engagement can lead to rapid growths in short term, making your product more viral than it already is. We have plans to introduce gamification to Socialeyes. In a few weeks, you will see Socialeyes as a social game where people can do activities and earn social points for being active. Besides our users’ profiles will be showing what kind of social identities they have such as the activities they often enjoy doing or their favorite social items etc.

What growth trajectory do you envision for your company over the next five years?  

We are in a space where all the big players want to create new things. That is why I believe Socialeyes will make a huge impact in social area. We want to be the app where you get to share your near time future intentions with people. It is like mind reading but for social activities. So in five years, I am expecting to create a global brand that will help millions of people share their thoughts on doing things. Eventually making Socialeyes a giant player in the app world.

What is one thing you wish you had learned about entrepreneurship before launching your startup?

Coding or graphic design. It would save so much time and money. Plus, I could better express my plans and things I want to create to anyone I work with.

What is your best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Find the right people to work with. Be always creative and never give up. And know that all odds are against you so do not lose faith during moments of despair.

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