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Investing in Rolex.



This is based on my personal experience on how and why I invest in Rolex watches.

I have sold watches from 500$ and up to 75,000$. Selling a watch for 500$ is easy, but the return of investment (ROI) isn’t worth it if you think about the time you spend trying to sell the watch. Instead of wasting time on selling cheap watches with a small ROI, I took my time and sold watches for up to 75,000$ with a ROI of 5-15,000$.

Besides, cheap watches doesn’t increase so much in value as the expensive ones.

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As with any investment, knowledge and information of what you are doing is the most important thing to have. Mr. Warren Buffed said “Never invest in a business you don’t understand”. If one has great knowledge and a lot of information about the product and market then you will reduces the risks of loss and increase the potential significantly. In my opinion the best watches to buy right now is Rolex and Patek Philippe. Also look into brands like Panerai, JLC and IWC from time to time. It all depends on the market. But Rolex is my favorite and the best ones to invest in.

The reason why I recommend investing mostly in Rolex watches is because you can buy a Rolex watch for less than 5000$ dollars and still make a wealthy profit out of it. The Rolex watch is also easy to sell because it is the best known for its high quality and design.

Rolex has revolutionized the whole watch market for a long time. They have an incredibly fascinating history and several very famous personalities used and still use Rolex. From Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Fidel Castro, the Dali Lama, John F Kennedy, Pope John Paul II to Daniel Craig. It’s probably the most famous watch brand and probably the brand that is easiest to sell.

Always keep in mind when you invest in watches is to never buy the watch from watch stores. The fact is that most of the time the value of the watch will drop by 20-40 % as soon as you exit the store.

You should always try to buy a used watch and let someone else take the loss by wearing the watch out of the store.

There is probably no watch brand in the world in terms of demand that keeps its value as well as Rolex. When it comes to supply and demand, the Rolex has full control and increase in value and price almost every year with an average of 5-10%. So if you buy a watch for 50,000, the same watch is valued at 52,500 to 55,000 one year later.

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