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Low budget movies that made a fortune.


Making movies can be very lucrative if you have a good screenplay and the right equipment. You don’t need to blow up buildings, planes and cars to produce a successful movie that scrapes together millions of dollars.

I’ve listed five movies with a very low budget compared to the fortune they made.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Camp Crystal Lake reopens after a long time. The place was closed for several years due to a tragic drowning accident. Seven idealistic youth camp leaders are ready to lead their summer guests over to the campfire songs and games. Soon after their arrival a killer appears and kills the visitors one by one. The killings appear to be linked to the drowning accident that happened many years ago.

Budget: $496,000
Made: $58 million

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El Mariachi (1992)

El Mariachi is a Mexican-American action movie from 1992 which was also the film debut of screenwriter and film director Robert Rodriguez. The Spanish speaking movie was shot in the town of Ciudad Acuña north of the Mexican border with mainly amateur actors.

Budget: $6600
Made: $1,94 million


Rocky (1976)

Rocky works as a “money collector” and boxes part time at the local gym. World Heavyweight boxing champion, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) will allow an amateur boxer to meet him in the ring to try to take the title. Rocky gets selected to fight Apollo even though Rocky has no desire to fight. But after some time Mickey persuades him to go into the ring.

Budget: $1,1 million
Made: $215 million


The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project is an American mystery-horror movie from 1999, directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez. The film is about the last days of three students, who in October 1994 went out to explore the Sherwood Forest. The purpose was to make a documentary about a mythical witch who lived in the forest. All of them disappear mysteriously. The Blair Witch Project is filmed documentary style and quickly gained a cult film status.

Budget: $60,000
Made: $42 million

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Open Water (2003)

The young married couple Susan and Daniel have a hectic lifestyle with a lot of work and little time for each other. The relationship is falling apart and to get things back on track, they decide to go on an exotic vacation. On the first day of their vacation they decide to join a group for tourists on a boat trip to the coral reef. Both of them are experienced divers and plans to dive when they get there. Because of some misunderstanding the boat leaves both of them in the open water and soon the darkness is upon them. Their struggle to stay alive in shark territory has begun.

Budget: $498,000
Made: $53 million

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