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Made $200 million selling water to Coca Cola.


If someone had told you fifteen years ago that companies would sell water and fresh air in the future would you have believed it? I certainly wouldn’t have.

Twelve years ago I and my father watched an Egyptian comedy film about a group of businessmen trying to make a living in Egypt. One of the characters in the film was upset and said to his friend “We have to think of a product to sell, a unique one” his friend replies “We have been sitting in this office for weeks and have come up with hundreds of ideas that don’t work, the only thing that we haven’t come up with is making money by selling water and air”. We laughed at the last part about selling water and air.

The idea of making money selling water is actually not a laughing matter anymore. There are companies selling water in bottles to people all around the world and believe it or not companies in China have started to sell fresh air to people in heavily polluted cities.

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Engegy Brands
The company Energy Brands is a manufacturer of trendy soft drinks consisting of water with added vitamins, minerals and flavor. They sell their products under the name Glaceau and received much attention in the brewery industry, despite its relatively small size.

In 2004, Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 cent, joined forces with Energy Brands to launch the popular drink Formula-50 that Curtis himself fronted. He took then the opportunity to purchase ten percent of the company. Glaceau was acquired in 2007 by the one and only Coca Cola for $4.1 billion which made Curtis $200 million richer.

It has previously been speculated that Curtis Jackson’s wealth comes from the sale of Vitamin Water and not his music, either way he made a smart move.

There is good reason to why the rapper sings in his song “I get money”:
I took quarter water sold it in bottles for 2 bucks, Coca Cola came and bought it for billions, what the f …”

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Everything sells not matter what it is, you just have to be creative enough and smart enough to make the sale. I heard of a company that sold salt water from the sea for over $80 a bottle to rich people using it for their skin.

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