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Mobile Bridge launches personalized iBeacon suite to shape the future of mobile shopping

Mobile Bridge launches personalized iBeacon suite to shape the future of mobile shopping

As mobile phones continue to become an integral part of our everyday lives, smartphone-produced location data is quickly becoming an essential dataset to any brand’s marketing strategy.

Building on its leading cloud platform that allows users to easily create and deploy mobile marketing engagement and marketing automation, Amsterdam-based Mobile Bridge has launched its Personalization suite for iBeacon mobile marketing to reshape how marketers and brands approach personalized customer engagement through emerging technologies.

Founded in 2012, Mobile Bridge is an enterprise cloud platform for location aware mobile customer journeys and marketing automation, mobile customer relationship management, mobile promotion & loyalty and analytics.

“Personalization happens both on a targeting and audience management level as well as on the native content level, and one amazing point to remember is that the Mobile Bridge platform was built from ground up to be added to existing or new apps,” says Mobile Bridge CEO Eyal Oster.

“To give you a feeling of how rapidly you can revolutionize your app – Pirelli tires has recently added the Mobile Bridge platform to their app for analytics, iBeacon engagement and loads of other functions. They were done in less than a day,” he adds.

By applying the new Mobile Bridge suite to the iBeacon marketing sphere, Oster explains, individuals and businesses can utilize every corner of the technology to ensure that only the most relevant native content is delivered to the right customer.

Utilizing the user-friendly interface (also available via an API) that requires no prior technical knowledge to set up, clients of the Mobile Bridge platform can integrate the marketing solution into any existing or new CRM system, loyalty program and e-commerce platforms to effectively expand their customer engagement.

Within the platform, marketers can create, manage and automate cross-channel, automated app customer interaction, which are not only personalized, but also location and behavior aware.

With this level of analytical overview combined with iBeacon technology, marketers using Mobile Bridge are able to engage with their consumers anywhere, anytime, combining the offline experience in the store with other channels such as web, social, and digital media.

For Oster and the Mobile Bridge team, the application of this technology to a brand’s marketing strategy will become more important as iBeacon continues to shape the future of mobile shopping.

“By leveraging iBeacon power through Mobile Bridge, marketers now have the right tools to deliver relevant, one on one content to customers that will result in real sales growth,” says Oster.

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