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Monitr looking to be viable solution for individuals and companies working within the stock market

Monitr looking to be viable solution for individuals and companies working within the stock market

As technology and the world stock market become increasingly linked, investors are continually exploring new avenues for analyzing valuable data and the effects from both breaking news and social media sentiment.

Recently acquired and funded by Spectral Capital accelerator, Monitr aggregates and analyzes market news to accurately inform investors who seek different perspectives of trends in the world market.

“Stock market investor’s use of computer-based analysis on particular market signals has taken the world economy to a new level, shaping almost every trading decision being made today,” explains Monitr founder and CEO Dennis Lutsky.

To gather its raw data, Mr Lutsky explains, Monitr analyzes an average of 92,000 news articles per day resulting in the “sentiment value” figures of particular companies.

Investors and users of the dashboard can also see the number of times a company has been referred to through various news sources in a set time period and the general “negative” or “positive” trends of this data. The impact of these mentions — or news stories — is further calculated by the Monitr platform by determining the publication’s target audience as a variable.

“Monitr aggregates what we see as an underutilized source of market data, the news and information that people read and become effected by, which in turn influences their own perceptions and even consumer trends of particular companies,” says Mr Lutsky.

According to the Aite Group, over 50% of quantitative firms currently use machine-readable news feeds tracking news and social media trends. The exponential growth in news and sentiment analysis to gage future market trends is sometimes flooded with indigestible big data — something the Monitr platform seeks to overcome.

Seeking to be at the forefront of market news analysis sphere, Monitr is also planning to integrate increasingly important social media trends and views into its dashboard’s algorithms.

Offering its services via a free Starter plan to premium plans, Monitr looks to be a viable solution for both individuals and companies working within the stock market.

“We know how important quick decisions are within this industry, and how vital technology is to accurate financial decision,” explains Mr Lutsky. “The relationship between the two is key to the success of every investor in the market. Because of this, the Monitr team has selected number of important financial signals not just to analyze, but to turn into easily consumable and useful market information,” he says.

With future plans to integrate the social media sphere into its unique platform, Monitr is a centralized and comprehensive solution for investors looking to make well informed decisions from a variety of financial signals.

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