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Nakedshelf kickstarts its new app

Nakedshelf kickstarts its new app

Nakedshelf’s new app is set to reshape how we gather, share and discuss the news no matter where we are.

Nakedshelf has created a unique discussion platform to kick-start conversations about the news we discover and share everyday through its recently released Android and iOS apps.

The app allows users to create a profile and aggregate and tag thousands of news sources from around the world — including bloggers, news sites, publishers, and friends.

“The future of news will come from other people and we will increasingly rely on recommendations and smarter social cues from friends or respected strangers as we sort through the vast amount of information available online,” said co-founder Abdul Hamid. “Nakedshelf is an amazingly simple way of meeting that shift.”

Users can seamlessly push full articles to their friends and followers without needing to tap their screen. Based on these articles, users can then start entire conversations within the app. This way, the Nakedshelf’s team aims to develop a vibrant environment where the readers can have in-depth discussions about current affairs.

“The app’s founding team developed the idea out of necessity when we were all teaching mobile computing courses at a non profit organization. We saw that there was a real need for a powerful platform that would allow us to easily share relevant content with our students and facilitate an active discussion” Co-founder Angela Chan concluded. 

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