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Nicklas made $240,000 last year foiling motor vehicles.


Nicklas André Olsen (24) started the company Tintline at the age of 20. Last year he made $240,000 through the company. The young entrepreneur from Norway isn’t like any other man. At the age of 24 he has two kids, runs his own company and has an apprentice working for him.

Making $240,000
A few years ago he was tired of school. He was interested in cars and in particular the styling of them. After some trial and error (mostly the latter, according to him) in various garages, he started just as well a company when he turned 20. Four years later his company is still growing.

Last year he made $240,000 through his company, Tintline. His company offers tinting car windows and other types of windows as well as foiling everything from cars, motorcycles and kitchen fittings to mobile phones and computer.

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Half of his customers are regular people and the rest are companies where he has agreements with several car dealerships. Nicklas has hardly spent any money on marketing. Instead his strategy of marketing is meeting the customers in person and doing his customer’s job properly and professionally and relies on world of mouth and gossip, and it seems to work.



Nicklas has gone through times of difficulties where there have been days and weeks with little or no customers. December and January are the worst months for his business but he had learned from his mother that patience is key to survive his line of work or any other for that matter. Ultimately it was his stubbornness and go-determinations that saved him from giving up along with the knowledge that there was a market for tinting motor vehicles in his hometown in Norway.

Started with little
The only education he had was two years in high school in sales and service, so he almost started out with two empty hands. He had between 3 to $4000 in starting capital when he started Tintline. He found an empty building that wasn’t suited for tinting cars, so he invested in a garage port that cost him $2900 so cars could drive in. With a rent of $800 dollars and investment of a few tint rolls the starting capital he had was gone before he even started.

So with a few tint rolls he started doing work and got a great reputation that made his company grow.

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Olsen has the following tips to young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business:

  • Believe in your idea and don’t give up.
  • Don’t be afraid to take chances.
  • Be prepared for hard work and long nights.
  • Concentrate on one product to begin with.
  • Don’t waste your expenses all at one time in the beginning.
  • In person contact is more important than marketing/advertising.

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