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Norwegian store making millions selling buns.


Who would’ve thought that selling something simple as buns would make someone a millionaire. Rune Gulbrandsen, a Norwegian CEO of the company Espa Servicecenter, made millions just by selling buns to the local community from his store.

It started when they bought a coffee machine and thought that people would have something to chew on with the coffee. They therefore sold a coffee, a chocolate and a bun for $4. Soon a lot of people asked them if they could drop the chocolate and get two buns instead. That’s when Rune saw the potential of making good money selling buns.

According to Rune himself, there were a lot of people doubting him about making it big on selling buns to the community.

In 2000, they sold a total of 18,000 buns and four years later in 2004 they sold nearly 400,000 buns. Eventually they set a goal to sell 1 million buns, although at that time it sounded somewhat unrealistic according to Rune. Nothing is impossible, and in 2008 they demonstrated just that by selling over 1 million buns. In 2011 they sold over 1.3 million buns, making an average sale of 3561 buns a day.

According to Rune, if everything goes as planned, they are able to produce and sell 2000 buns per hour and they wouldn’t be able to without the help of his 37 employees.

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Buns 24 hours a day
People just can get enough of their popular buns. They have their store open all day throughout the year and people come and buy their buns even on Christmas Eve.

Occasionally they receive orders that are far larger than usual. One time they had to deliver over 1000 buns to a private person that handed them out in a bachelor party. But the largest order they have had so far for an individual is 1400 buns, that individual never said what he was going to do with all the buns according to Run.



Raisin Buns

During the years of his success, Rune has gone from selling buns with and without raisins to buns with chocolate, caramel, licorice and strawberry flavor. But of course not all attempts to create something new have succeeded. Their original buns are still the big money maker.

On average the vast majority of those visiting the store will buy one or two buns, but often they go out with far more than because the staff there is required to ask if the customer wants buns and always try to make them buy more than they had planned. Besides, the more buns the customer buys the more the price of the buns reduces.

Their total revenue for 2011 was over $9.6 million. The people who doubted Rune are probably wishing they were in his shoes right now.

A lesson to learn here is to never listen to people doubting you on a business idea you have. Do what you think is best and what you think can make you good money, follow your dream and don’t give up no matter what people say to you. Negative people are going to stay negative and there is nothing you or I can do about it.

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