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Nuggets from books that make you better

Nuggets from books that make you better

nugget puts the most important phrases of a book together so that the busy entrepreneurs, CEOs, and working professionals among us, can discover new and interesting books in a matter of moments.

nugget’s app is built for speed. Busy users can find insights and useful quotes in just a few seconds. Other apps already allow users to read summaries. However, nugget’s insightful quote collection – or, nugget collection – allows its users to get inspired by a book even faster.

The idea arose when Founder and CEO Ovi Negrean – also self-titled “Chief nugget”- started collecting ideas and quotes from the business books he read to help him remember the most relevant content. Negrean put the best 30 nuggets from Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One on a slideshare, which happened to be featured on the Slideshare homepage for a time. “People want to self-improve, but they often don’t have the time. nugget is here to help them improve in small bites.” said Negrean. After receiving thousands of views and lots of interest, Negrean decided to leave his successful career as a country manager of a software company and pursue nugget full-time.

The app displays provoking quotes on its interface to help users skim through a book and decide whether or not to buy it. Users can either go through one book and see the best 100 nuggets, or they can search via the Surprise Me! mode and randomly receive nuggets from different books. The app will be released soon, but a beta version is available upon request.

“I like to think of nugget as Instagram meets Goodreads Quotes with a touch of Tinder. nugget has a dual purpose: firstly helping users find the books that really appeal to them, and secondly letting them come back and remember the most actionable and inspirational parts of the books they love,” said Negrean. “We hand pick all our quotes to ensure that each one is insightful and gives the reader a real feel for the book.”


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