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An office environments and landscapes give you the attention you need from your employees.


According to a new survey I read online, you become more visible and have fewer conflicts by having an office environments and landscape , as long as the office environment isn’t too large. Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) had the same thing and it gave him star-like attention.

An office landscape helps you to be visible amongst your employees and your employees will perceive you as a good listener in return. The communication between the employees and you will increase, fewer conflicts will occur and there will be more direct communication, according to a Swedish study.

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Here are the arguments that support office landscape in the workplace:

1- Employees will become more satisfied with their leader.
Those sitting in an open landscape, consisting of 10-24 people are most satisfied with their leader. The least satisfied employees are those that have to share office space with one or two other colleagues.

Employees who sit in an office landscape will get a much better understanding of what their colleagues are up to and you as a leader will have an overview of employees who are not doing well.

2- Less e-mailing.
E-mail traffic will naturally decrease among the employee and you when sitting in an office landscape because everyone has easy access to each other.

3- Fewer conflicts.
An office landscape doesn’t give the employees room for conflicts and if a conflict erupts it’ll get solved much faster that if it weren’t an office landscape.

4- Will not return to private office.
Those who have tried to sit in an open office will not move back to their own private office later, according to the Swedish study.

5- Better sleep and health.
The Swedish study also reports that by using an office landscape solution, employees will improve their sleep, job satisfaction and emotional health.

Sitting in a landscape with your colleagues can give you the drive and happiness to work harder and better. Your employees won’t get bored at their work place because there are constantly people around who they can talk to whenever they have time to.

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Did you see the movie Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort?
If you’ve seen it you notice that Belfort’s employees sit in an open office where they can mingle with each other and have fun whenever they have time. I’m not saying that what they did in the company was a good thing but you get my point. An open landscape will create the effect of “one big happy family” where you are the loving father.

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