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People as a Service takes over your everyday jobs for you

People as a Service takes over your everyday jobs for you

People as a Service’s new database allows realtors to outsource their everyday jobs to trusted individuals. That way realtors can focus on what really matters: selling properties.

People as a Service makes it easy to delegate tasks such as scheduling appointments or processing paperwork to virtual freelancers. The company does not merely provide realtors with an endless list of possible workers, but also suggests the one ideal freelancer for the job and follows the project’s progress from start to finish.

“People as a Service has already successfully provided freelancers for businesses ranging from one-person companies to larger corporations, and we want to grant the same benefits to realtors everywhere,” said People as a Service Founder and CEO Rolf Ritter. “By gathering all the manpower they need into one virtual talent pool, our clients will never again have to worry about finding the right person for the job.”

People as a Service prides itself on the trustworthiness of its workers, all of whom undergo a rigorous selection process and interview to determine their skills and reliability. By offering tailor-made, reliable solutions for each client, People as a Service gives realtors back the valuable hours they need to find houses and close sales.

By taking advantage of this brand new service, realtors can significantly increase their revenue and work efficiently with minimal effort. Studies show that support-staff costs are considered a major challenge to profitability in the real estate industry, with 31% of poll respondents citing this as a key concern. As most realtors are also self employed, People as a Service offers the ideal solution to professionals with little time or resources to recruit their own personnel.

“Only with such high standards can we guarantee realtors peace of mind when outsourcing their day-to-day tasks,” added Ritter. “Having been the CEO of a number of companies, I fully understand the importance of time management at work. With People as a Service, realtors can now focus their time on the job they’re passionate about while knowing that the smaller details will be handled skilfully.”



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