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Saving tips for 2014 – Part 2

savemoneyHere are some more great ways to save money in 2014.


Pay off your debt before putting money into your savings account. If the interest rate on your mortgage is higher than the rate on your savings account, it will be more profitable to repay the mortgage loan first.



I don’t know how it is in your country, but here in Norway, filling up the tank is much cheaper on Sundays than on any other days.

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Telecommunications is a Norwegian website that gives you the opportunity to find the cheapest mobile subscription. If you have such a website in your country, use it and look for the least expensive subscription. The difference between some mobile subscriptions can be as high as $800.

Use Skype or other free telecommunication services for international calls.



Make a monthly budget on your spending’s. There are a lot of smart phones applications out there that you can download and use.



Online Shopping
Websites like can help you save a lot of money when you’re online shopping for electronics, books, accessories etc. You can for example save up to $100 on a Samsung Galaxy or IPhone 5. Always look for price comparisons when buying stuff.



Use coupons and take advantage of cheap offers as often as you can when going out grocery shopping. If you do it right and often, you could actually save as much as $3500 a year. You can collect your coupons from local newspapers and magazines and cheap offers from the stores website or in the mail.

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Take time and do a research on insurance companies that has the best offers. Choosing the right insurance can save you over $1000 a year. In Norway, you don’t have to terminate your previous insurance contract the new insurance company does it for you.



Make sure to turn off your TV, computer and PlayStation before you go to sleep. Don’t leave them on stand-by as this uses unnecessary electricity which results in a higher electricity bill.



Hotel Booking
Use websites that compare prices and gives you the cheapest price on Hotels. You don’t have to choose a one or two star hotel. There are actually five star hotels out there that are much cheaper than the one or two star hotels you just have to look for them. That’s why using a website like can save you a lot of money on your travels.



Refinance your loans to one single loan. Instead of having multiple loans from multiple banks or credit cards, try to take up one loan with a low interest rate and pay down all other loans. That way you can reduce interest costs while getting a better overview of your personal finances since you only have one loan to deal with.

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