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SignEasy integrates biometric authentication features, makes signing documents quicker and more secure

SignEasy integrates biometric authentication features, makes signing documents quicker and more secure

With a dynamically changing online sphere, flexibility and the ability to access and process our documents securely is becoming a key component to our digital lives.

As more and more people turn to their mobile devices for more than just communication, apps such as SignEasy allow users to access, process, and send important documents in a secure manner.

Already a part of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Bangalore, SignEasy has taken the next step in user authentication to help individuals and businesses to securely sign and store important documents without the need for paper.

Complimenting Apple’s Touch ID feature, SignEasy has integrated a new biometric authentication system that allows the app’s clients to seamlessly and securely place stored electronic signature on important documents through their iOS 8 mobile devices.

“This new integrated system builds on our already strong security commitment to our clients who see our app as one of the most invaluable tools for their business documents,” explains SignEasy Founder and CEO Sunil Patro. “With continuing innovation in the online security sphere, we wanted to move beyond the parameters of a four digit passcode towards the unique makeup of a fingerprint, on of the most secure passcodes in the world,” he adds.

With passcode authentication already built into the production app, the new user-friendly Touch ID system adds a more secure and reliable for users to sign professional and personal documents from the cloud using their preferred storage services.

The increasing use of mobile and tablet devices in business environments, which utilize the platforms to efficiently expedite numerous processes, compliment this.

According to a 2012 CDW IT Monitor survey, the uptake of Smartphone and tablet use in US companies has driven down costs and led to an increase in productivity, with 25% reporting a significant increase.

“To keep up with the pace of the current online world, we know that businesses and individuals need to streamline every possible process of their professional and personal lives. SignEasy allows the user to stay on top of everything, giving access in any part of the world to sign and send those important documents efficiently,” Mr. Patro explains.

Ranked in the top 10 downloaded business apps for iPhone and iPad devices, SignEasy allows the user to access and sign their email and — using the app’s ability to fully integrate with platforms such as Dropbox and Evernote — cloud documents. Able to access the app through their Facebook or Google+ accounts, the cloud integration efficiently and securely places the user’s signature on documents, such as contracts, bills, letters, expense reports, and loan applications in less than 60 seconds.

Also available for Android and BlackBerry, the app’s recent upgrades have increased efficiency by adding a new smarter search feature, faster navigation, and an instant editing tool. Additionally, users are able to sign up for basic pay-as-you go plans, or Premium and Business plans, which allow for full cloud integration and offline access to the app.

“Now a more secure process with the new biometric authentication system, the app shows professionalism through efficiency that also results in cost-savings in document management — such as shipping, printing, and scanning,” he adds.

With the new Touch ID authentication feature, users of SignEasy will not only increase the efficiency of the task, but will also be reassured of the highest level of user authentication offered by SignEasy.

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