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Stop unnecessary shopping and save over $5,000 a year.


Norwegians have a record consumption when compared with other European countries and the rest of the world. Not being able to buy clothes, shoes, sporting goods, electronics, interior or other typical consumer goods in the course of a year, may seem almost impossible.

Follow these advices to save $5,000 or more a year.


There are a lot of people who buy things that they want, but they really don’t need, including all types of electronics, tools, clothes, cosmetics etc. You don’t need a new smartphone if you already have one  that works well. Try to stop buying things for several months with a few minor exceptions, and you’ll realize that you aren’t missing out on anything.  It will make you more aware of what you really need and what you can wait for to buy.

Just because your electric screwdriver is broke, doesn’t mean you have to buy a new one for $200. Buy a manual one instead for $2 if you absolutely need one, or even better, borrow one from a neighbor or a friend. Use new ways of doing things that cost less or nothing.

Most people have probably bought clothes or shoes that they just “had to have” due to the low price. But just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean that you actually need it. Don’t be tempted to buy products on sale. Buying a pair of jeans that cost $200 for $30 doesn’t mean its ok.  $30 here and $30 there can quickly add up.

It’s better to buy some thing that you really need, than to buy a lot of things that you’ll use once or twice.


There are people out there that are so called “shopaholics”. Most of them have to buy something all the time no matter if they get broke and have to use their credit card. According to Shopaholic Anonymous, a rehab center for Shopaholics, there is multiple factors that can cause a person to become shopaholic.  Some of them are the need to be perfect, the need to fill an inner void and also emotional deprivation caused in the person’s childhood.
If that is your case, you should seek help immediately or you’ll be financially ruined.

You don’t want to be greedy either. Try to find something in between.
How much you save on not buying unnecessary things depends of course on how much you spent earlier, and for many happy shoppers, saving over $5,000 a year is not unrealistic at all.


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