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Tips that will help you increase your annual salary.


Beside the importance of having a great work environment, the second important thing is salary. For some it’s actually salary that comes before having a great work environment. Either way, here is a small list of what you can do to make the company increase your annual salary.

Show them why you are fit for the job.
You got the job because the employer believed that you could do a great job for him at the company. Now show him exactly why you are fit for the job by using your past experiences and implement them into new tasks you receive. Doing this will not only make people look up to you, but it will also give you an extra tool for negotiation your salary.

Use numbers and percentage
If you work in sales, you should always keep tab of exact figures of what you’ve done for the company. When salary negotiation time comes, show your boss that you have increased the sales of your company by 10% in the past 8 months.

Let your boss make the first offer
Try to let your boss make the first salary offer so that you can counter with good arguments of why the offer isn’t good enough and that you deserve more. Salary negotiation won’t be difficult since you know that the company wants you, otherwise they wouldn’t have given you an offer of increased salary.

Be positive and enthusiastic
Always try to show motivation and energy when working for your company. Be happy and positive all the time and help your colleagues if they need your help for something.

Leave your personal problems out
Using personal life problems as an excuse to get a salary raise is a bad strategy. Your boss bases your salary on the company’s budget and your capability of doing a good job. Your boss, the employer, isn’t interested about hearing your economic struggle.

Thorough research
Before walking into the room of salary negotiations you should do thorough research on the position you have. Let’s assume you’re an IT technician. Find out as much as you can about the IT industries average salary and market demand. This will give you the tools to counter a salary that is too low.

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Show your poker face
You’ve done your last interview and you get a phone call for a last meeting with the employer to negotiate what you’re annual salary will be working for the company. You get an offer from the employer that is too low, what should you do? You should not be afraid to turn down politely the offer and walk away. This is actually a solid negotiation tactic because if they already have offered you the job, you know that they really need you, no ifs or buts about it. So now you can take advantage of the whole situation and make the employer give you more.

Remember, all companies are going to start by offering you the lowest possible salary, so don’t ever settle with the first offer.

Don’t get mad
Don’t show you’re future boss that you are angry or upset because you didn’t get the salary you wanted. The last thing a boss wants is to have a melodramatic person that acts like a 14 year old in his company. Prove to your boss that you can take a downfall of not getting the salary you want as a professional. This will strengthen your position in the company in the long run.

Try a different route
Sometimes companies aren’t able to increase your salary no matter what you do or say because of their budget limit. If this is the case, try instead to ask about things like career advancement in the company or paid courses which will increase you salary in the future

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