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Transportation of Wall Street billionaires.


There is no such thing as first class anymore. First class means “my class, my plane”. It’s not considered first class if you have to go through a public airport. That’s why the Wall Street billionaires have private jets filled up with gas, ready to take them wherever they want.


Alexander Shnaider – self-made businessman

Alexander Shnaider
45 year old self-made businessman, Alexander Shnaider, has a net worth of $1.3 billion as of September 2013. He owns the luxurious Bombardier Global Express which starts at $45 million. The Global Express is like a Wall Street office on wings. It has a noise reduction system which cancels out all outside noise.

Alexander has also invested in a 170 feet mega yacht that goes by the name “Midlandia” which includes an outdoor cinema.

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John Devaney

John Devaney – Florida based security trader

John Devaney
The Florida based security trader was expelled from two preparatory schools and made money selling fake Rolexes before he took on the financial market. His annual salary is estimated to be $50 million and his own beautiful plane, the Gulf Stream IV. The starting price for the Gulf Stream IV is
$35 million. He also owns a Sikorsky Helicopter for short trips around town.

In addition to his plane and helicopter he has 10 yachts which include the 118 foot yacht
called “A Time For Us” and the 129 foot yacht called “The Big Easy” which he bought for his mom as a present.

But his flagship is the 141 foot monster called “Positive Carry”. Positive Carry is a fancy financial term which means “Profits”. The 141 foot yacht has a luxurious master suite and four massive guest suites.

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Jeffrey Epstein – former high school teacher

Jeffrey Epstein
Former high school teacher Jeffrey Epstein has his own fleet of planes including a Gulf Stream IV, Cessna and Boeing 727. You may ask what he needs a giant commercial plane for. The answer is that it comes in handy when you have powerful friends to fly around.
In 2002, Jeffrey gave Bill Clinton a ride on his Boeing 727 and took actor Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker along for the trip, when Bill Clinton organized a one week long tour of Africa.

Wall Street’s top performers have the mega mansions, the amazing private planes and of course they have also invested in mega yachts too.

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