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Yahoo pays David Karp $1.1 billion for his microblogging platform, Tumblr.


In 2006 David Karp and his former partner Marco Arment began to work on a microblogging platform, which was launched as Tumblr in February 2007.

Early life
When Karp was only 11 years old he began to learn HTML and soon after learning HTML he started to make websites for local business. He attended Bronx Science at the age of 14 and lasted for only one year before dropping out at the age of 15. Instead he started homeschooling and doing other things on the side. Although getting into a college in New York, he never did graduate from High School.

But then again, you don’t need a graduation to become successful as long as you use your creativity and brain, which was exactly what Karp did.

Tumblr acquisition
After the launch in February 2007, Tumblr skyrocketed in popularity. Tumblr is a micorblogging platform that allows users to post text, videos, links, images, audio and quotes to their so called Tumblelog. Users can choose to follow other users and see their posts together in a news feed on their dashboard. Tumblr is known for its great ease of use and great opportunity for personalization.

Tumblr hosts over 172 million blogs and in May 20, 2013, Yahoo! acquired the microblogging platform for $ 1.1 billion. According to several foreign media, the acquisition was an attempt to reach the Tumblr user base, which mainly consists of young people between 18 and 29 years.

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Merissa Mayer
After Marissa Mayer went from Google to become president and CEO of Yahoo in July 2012, she and her team has acquired several smaller companies, including the social recommendation service Jybe, mobile news reader Summly and mobile game developer Loki Studios.

Mayer want to get into the game to compete against Facebook and Google to “make itself a cool” company, attracting people between the age of 18 and 29. Acquiring Tumblr was part of that strategy.

But that’s not the only reason why Yahoo is investing in new companies that attracts young people. According to sources, Yahoo’s turnover is relatively low and they are still too depended on the ownership of the Chinese online market place,, and they have struggled to land any major agreements to make their income peak upwards.

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I went a little off track by speaking about Yahoo and Marissa Mayer. But the lesson here is as long as you’re creative by coming up with new ways to solve everyday problems and smart enough to find a way to make money off of your creativity you really don’t need an education to become successful in life. Those were back in the days where people had to have a fancy education to make a lot of money. In our day and age you don’t need to sit in a classroom to learn the things you need to succeed, all you need is a computer and an internet connection and the sky is the limit.

Keep in mind that I’m in no way trying to discourage any of you from school or anything like that. Everyone, if they have the opportunity, should at least get through High School. Getting through High School and College increases your chances in becoming successful in life.

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